100% Donegal Wool Roll Neck Sweater Grey

If you’re the sort of person who likes to stay cozy and be outdoors, you’ll love the Donegal Roll Neck Sweater from Aran Woollen Mills. Made in Westport, Co Mayo, by an Irish brand, this cardigan will keep you warm and comfortable for an extended time.

It features a roll neck style along the sleeve, collar, and bottom of the cardigan for easy pulling over your head without messing up your hair or outfit. The ribbed texture helps it stay in place without becoming too tight around your neck or shoulders.

This Irish Donegal Roll Neck Sweater is available in sizes small through to extra-large, so there’s one for everyone.

It comes in gray color, making it versatile enough to pair with just about anything like Irish scarves, blue jeans, khaki slacks, or a simple leather jacket for work or on a night out.

Our Donegal Roll Neck Sweater is made from 100% tweed wool and natural fibers to ensure optimal warmth and coziness throughout the year. The material offers amazing softness and comfort against your skin.

The cuff and Basque design add a touch of elegance and a vintage feel.

  • Made by Aran Woollen Mills
  • Features a roll neck style
  • Available in grey
  • 100% tweed wool and natural fibers
  • Lovely cuff and Basque design



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