All About That Base: Staples Hair & Makeup Artists Can’t Live Without

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What is your skincare regimen like? Do you first focus on your face, then finish with hairstyling, or begin with the hair and then the face? There is always a big debate on which approach is better.

Due to the many theories, young women, like yourself, get confused. Understanding and applying the correct method is critical. You don’t want to spend too much time or effort on this activity. Also, nobody wants to re-apply creams, powder, blush, bronzer, or other products because they wear off too soon. With the right approach, you don’t just save time and effort but money as well.

Importance of Prepping Your Face Before Hair/ Makeup

Jumping right into applying makeup or hairstyling may seem time-saving. Sadly though, you will get unpleasant results. Imagine having spent lots of time only to get poor results. You don’t want to look like a clown or start all over again, do you? The following are reasons why facial preparation is essential:

A clear view of your face

A pimple or rash may appear on your face without you knowing. Without thorough cleaning, you may miss this imperfection. Now picture yourself out there and a friend, colleague, or even a stranger alerting you of the pimple, rash, whitehead or blackhead? This can be not very unpleasant. Proper cleansing of your face lets you know what you are working on. Is it oily, dry, flaky or damaged?

Note any changes

You may have switched to a new product. Maybe the earlier one wasn’t working right, or you are curious about a newly-launched product. Proper cleaning of the hair or face helps you gauge the working of a cosmetic item. By removing all the dirt, skin oils, dust, beauty cosmetics remnants, and other debris, you can check your skin’s health and appearance.

If the skin is smoother, softer, and more vibrant, you will know that the current product works perfectly. However, if the blemishes and rashes are still there, it’s not working for you. as you desire. An increase in rashes, itchiness, redness, flakiness, or oiliness points out to be a poor product, and you need to stop using it.

Create the perfect base

Have you ever tried to apply foundation, blush, or other beauty products to oily or dirty skin? If you have, you noticed that the cosmetics didn’t stick well. The spread wasn’t consistent or left some patches due to uneven adherence. Furthermore, it starts to runoff or fades sooner-rather-than-later. This means you’re re-applying more makeup often.

Proper washing of the face of hair helps to get rid of dust, oils, dirt, germs, oiliness and other things. Doing so creates the perfect surface for the skincare products to adhere to.

Benefits of Skin/Hair Prepping

The following are the key advantages of proper prepping:

Long-lasting results

Proper washing or cleaning removes things that may undermine how beauty or cosmetic products stick on the skin or hair. Good cleaning eliminates dust, oil, dirt, germs, bacteria, and more. By creating a clean surface, the foundation, blush, bronzer, liner, mascara, haircare product and others stick better/longer. Moreover, they remain on the skin for a longer period.

Easy application

You’ll agree that it’s easier to apply hair or skin products on a clean surface. This is due to the following:

· The products stick on the surface much easier

· You use lesser effort

· The product spreads quickly, and the coverage is better

· You use a smaller quantity, thus minimizing wastage

Flawless makeup

As a young girl or a mature woman, you want to look as lovely as possible. Nobody wants a patchy appearance that makes you look funny. You also don’t want a product that doesn’t conceal the imperfections well. Good prepping makes application easy. Also, it ensures consistent spread and reduces wastage.

Hairstyle lasts longer

Did you know that good preparation helps to make a hairstyle last longer? First, the products that make the hair shiny/glossy or standout remain embedded on the skin for an extended longer time. Second, flyaway/ frizz is minimal. Third, hair care products offer additional protection against natural elements (wind, rain, sunshine), dust, and much more.

Increased confidence

Knowing that you look good increases your self-esteem. You’ll be more confident walking around and talking to people. The fear of a pimple, rash or other skin imperfection showing through the beauty products is minimal. Also, you won’t need to take many bathroom breaks to check or realign your hairstyle or add more blush, mascara, eyeliner or another product.

Makeup Artist Preparation Steps:

1. Cleansing

Cleaning the skin removes dirt, dust, germs, oils, bacteria, etc. You can see the skin condition and note any imperfections or side effects.

2. Exfoliation

After cleaning the skin, you need to get rid of dead skin cells. Exfoliation will remove the dry/flaky skin and any dead skin cells inside the skin pores. In addition, it also eliminates oils, bacteria, germs, and hairs trapped inside the pores. Not only to improve circulation but also remove imperfections.

3. Toning/Moisturizing

A toner helps to dry the skin for better reception of the makeup. It’s ideal for people with oily skin. For people with dry skin, a serum is suitable since it helps moisten the skin.

4. Priming

A primer creates the perfect base for a product to stick to well. A good base is smooth, enhancing skin tone, texture, and appearance. In addition to creating a smooth foundation, it also makes the makeup pop while improving hydration.

5. Texturizing

Before styling hair, you should apply a Texturizing Spray. It helps to strengthen the roots while minimizing breakages. Also, the product improves the scalp and reduces flyaway. Typically, you give the hair care product about 2–3 minutes before beginning to style.

Final Thoughts

Alt: Hairdresser combing out a client’s treated hair

Cleaning your hair and skin is vital before applying makeup. This ensures long-lasting results, good coverage, flawless application and boosts your self-confidence. However, you must use a proven, non-toxic product for. It will be safe, non-toxic, easy to use and maximum safety.

Check the product that’s ideal, suitable for any skin or hair type, and comes from a reputable brand or vendor. Oz Hair & Beauty is well known when it comes to top products. You’ll find a wide array of options to meet all your needs. And thanks to their online support and knowledgeable staff, all your queries will be answered. Visit their website to learn more and also make a purchase.



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SEO Copywriter with extensive experience in blogs, product reviews, and general articles.