How Westville Grand Rental Station Expanded its Business Reach with a Brand-New Website

2 min readNov 29, 2022
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Company’s Goal

Westville Grand Rental Station wanted to expand its business reach by improving its website’s usability, aesthetics, and content. Also, they tried to make it mobile-friendly and responsive so that users could easily access the website from any device, such as smartphones or tablets.

About the Customer

Westville Grand Rental Station is a family-owned business that opened in March 1990. Art and his brother opened the company, and Dave became a partner in 2000. Westville is a full-service hardware store offering “one-stop shopping” needs and a rental station for power tools and equipment.

Some services include inflatables facility, Small Engine Repair, Snowblower Repair, Air Hose Assembly, Delivery Service, Chain Saw Chains, and much more.

Business Challenges

The first challenge was that the company had a minimal online presence. Their website was built by someone else and needed to be functional and easy to navigate. To make matters worse, there was no way for anyone outside Westville Grand Rental Station to see what items were available.

The second challenge was they lacked a website catalog for people to browse different equipment available for rent from one central location. The only way for clients looking for something specific was through Google searches or by calling the company directly for more information about what might be available in their area.


After meeting with local web design experts, Westville Grand Rental Station decided to create a new website using New Media Retailer’s brand-new platform. This platform features responsive design technology that allows users to view content quickly from any device by adjusting the site layout based on screen size. It also includes advanced SEO tools so companies can optimize their site for search engines and drive more traffic to them.


The new website’s features allowed users to look at all their options from one central location.

· Before joining NMR, they had a website running on the WordPress platform. The site needed to be mobile-friendly, and it looked outdated.

· After joining NMR, their website is fully responsive and mobile friendly, so customers can easily use it on their phones and tablets. Clients can buy products directly from the store instead of calling or emailing them to place an order.

We also learned that many businesses would update their online catalogs often so that customers always had access to the latest and most excellent rental equipment.




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