The Best Restaurants in Murang’a: Kuku Jamboo Fast Food

5 min readAug 22, 2022
Kuku Jamboo Restaurant in Murang’a

Chicken is an excellent source of protein, and it’s light on your stomach. It helps keeps you going for the day as you mind your business. With Kuku Jamboo’s menu items, you can enjoy all the benefits of chicken without any drawbacks. It’s among the best restaurants in Muranga that meets customer satisfaction.

Our Choma is made from quality chicken to give your body what it needs to stay strong. Order some Crispy Chicken with those Samosas and Beef Sausages for a meal that’ll fuel you for hours.

Who We Are

Kuku Jamboo is a local fast-food joint located in Murang’a CBD, behind Co-op Bank. Our cafe is among the best restaurants in Murang’a that specializes in delicious snacks, including chicken, samosas, and sausages.

Our mission is to provide a quality product at an affordable price that lets you enjoy your time with friends or family without breaking the bank.

Every employee of Kuku Jamboo has extensive training to know what customers need and their best interests. We work hard to make sure we are the best fast food restaurants in Murang’a and make you feel comfortable with us!

Services We Offer

Kuku Jamboo fast food cafe is a one-stop shop for delicious and nutritious meals. We offer spacious indoor seating, takeaways, and fast delivery. Plus, the menu features our signature Kuku Choma and other tasty treats like our succulent Masala Chips.

Spacious Indoor Seating

We have a wide variety of indoor seating for you to enjoy your meal. We have everything from a comfortable and private table in the corner.

Takeaways Meals

If you want to enjoy our delicious food at home or elsewhere, you can take away your meal from us. Suppose you’re looking for something more portable and easier to eat on the go. In that case, we have Smokies (smoked sausages) and Chicken Nuggets (which won’t disappoint).

Fast Delivery

Photo by Mak💛💙 on Unsplash

We know how much you love our food. Still, sometimes you may not get the time to visit our restaurant. For this reason, we offer a fast delivery service for those in a hurry who want their favorite food immediately! We provide quick bites during your lunch break, in the morning, or late evening. We deliver it to your doorstep in no time making us among the top 10 best hotels in Murang’a!

Menu Items

Our menu is the perfect place to start when you’re looking for something new. From our signature Kuku Jamboo (chicken) to our famous chips masala, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Take your pick from the following:

Kuku Choma

Roasted full chicken with crispy skin
Slow roasted Kuku choma

Our Choma is made from quality chicken to give your body what it needs to stay strong. Roasted chicken is better for you than fried chicken because it contains fewer calories, less fat and cholesterol, and more protein than fried chicken. The skin of the chicken is crispy and crunchy, which makes it delicious.

The meat inside the chicken is tender and juicy, thanks to our slow-roasting process. It also has over 10 times more flavor than other chicken.

Crispy Chicken

Kuku jamboo crispy chicken with amazing browness
Crispy chicken coated in flavoured flour

The chicken is made from 100% organic ingredients, and the skin is crispy. We offer a wide variety of sauces you can pair with our chicken, including ketchup, mild and hot sauce. You can also get your favorite side dish to accompany your meal like salads!

Whether you’re looking for something healthy or want something tasty on the go, Kuku Jamboree is sure to have what you need!

Beef Samosa

Samosa snack made with miched beef filling and covered in a dough deep fried for a tasty snack
Beef samosa in Kuku Jamboo restaurant in Muranga

You’ll love our beef samosa!

If you’re looking for a fast food joint in Murang’a with a twist, come to Kuku Jamboo. We’re famous for our beef samosa, and we think you’ll agree that it’s the best in town. Here’s why:

· Our beef is fresh and never frozen. You can taste the difference!

· Our samosas are made from scratch daily, so they’re always as fresh as possible.

· We use only quality ingredients without fillers or preservatives.

· Our beef is low in cholesterol and high in protein, making it an excellent choice for customers with health concerns.

· It’s delicious!

Complete Meal

Order some Crispy Chicken with those Samosas, Chicken Nuggets and Beef Sausages for a meal that’ll fuel you for hours.

Tasty chicken nuggets in restaurants in Murang’a kuku jamboo

Prices and Extra Treats

The following is our affordable menu

Restaurant in Murang’a Kuku Jamboo Menu with friendly prices

Contact Us

You can email us via or call us at 0794237968 to place your order today! For restaurants in Murang’a, menu details and prices, check our Facebook or Instagram. Give your taste buds a treat like no other!




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