Multi-Stop GPS Route Planner to Empower Your Drivers

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Tractors-trailers take 20 to 40 percent longer than cars to stop, which increases in poor weather conditions or when the trailer’s brakes are poorly maintained. This is why your fleet businesses need to use multi-stop route planners. It helps empower your drivers with the route details, weather conditions, and the fastest distance. And if you want them to access multi-stop GPS showing them where they’re going on an interactive map, we’ll help you.

Why is Multi-Stop GPS Important?

Multi-stop route planners are essential for any business that relies on its fleet of vehicles for deliveries or pick-ups. It ensures that each car uses the most efficient route possible to save time and money while reducing accidents and injuries from reckless driving habits like speeding or tailgating other trucks on the road.

By using this system, your fleet vehicles will take the correct route. It will create an optimal, fastest, or shortest distance for your trucks and show you where they are at any given time. It works incredibly well in different industries, including:

· Food delivery services

· Mail carriers

· Towing companies and more places

Optimizes Routing Process

This multi-stop routing app helps you optimize your routing processes to keep up with your competitors and stay ahead. But it’s tough to keep up with all the ways your competitors enhance their routing processes.

Here are some features we offer:

Routing & Dispatch

The routing and dispatch feature lets you plan routes that minimize fuel consumption and maximize safety. It takes into account factors like road conditions and weather conditions. You can also optimize your deliveries based on priority or load type, such as refrigerated or temperature-controlled. Automating this process will save time and money while also improving how your drivers get from point A to point B.

Streamlined Operations

Our routing software is built from the ground up to help you make informed decisions about your operations. With complete operational visibility, you’ll have all the insight and metrics necessary to take your business to new heights.

Real-time Updates

Multi-stop GPS provides an accurate, real-time update on the status of your shipments. You can track your shipments anytime from your mobile device, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Easy Management

Multi-stop app features and benefits are more elaborate than any other route planner, but it’s still simple to use and manage. The software is effective in helping companies improve their productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Use this system to plan routes faster and more efficiently than before. A YouGov survey for Aviva found that 49% of drivers worry about their safety on unfamiliar roads.

With this application, you can calculate the distance between two or more locations and estimate how long your vehicle will take to travel from one point to another. This information is then entered into your GPS device, so your driver knows exactly where he needs to go next.


Our software is compatible with all major brands of trucks and vehicles, and we work directly with our customers to ensure their seamless and easy experience. We also offer 24/7 support for any questions or concerns that arise during use. Please contact us with any questions.




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SEO Copywriter with extensive experience in blogs, product reviews, and general articles.