Top 20 Blogging Tools to Save You Time and Money

You can use different or one tool to enhance productivity in your blog. These processes can manage your tasks, collaborate with a variety of teams, and also help organize your life. Also, these software are great assistants in overall project management.

We understand working for long hours doesn’t necessarily mean better efficiency, especially in blogging. That’s why these blog assistants come in handy to save time, improve the site’s performance, and create quality content.

In addition, a reliable toolkit can ease up your workload when you have various projects. Whether you are uploading images, quality videos, content, or attachments, these applications are necessary. Also, some of these tools build your new website from the start and use inbuilt features to improve your online presence.

Let’s look at some of the best blogging tools that make you work faster, more intelligent, and more efficiently.

The first tool we have is Asana, with a catchy name and offers improved team productivity. It lets you stay on multiple tasks easily to prevent the disorganization of different elements. What’s more, the initial design is ideal for commercial use rather than for solo workers.

Now, as a team member or group leader, this software is perfect for assigning various tasks simultaneously to different people. You save time together with the group and also keep the projects on track.

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This blogging assistant is also known as Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets. It allows the user to share and edit documents in real-time, whether in PDF, Word, Excel, or other formats. Now, this makes blogging pretty easy for those content creators who need reliable editing tools.

Plus, the editing space is enough to insert different features such as images, hyperlinks, references, and more. You can even use this software to chat with team members or share notes and comments within a file.

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3. Google Analytics

Another handy tool is Google Analytics, also known as Webmaster, perfect for those who need total concentration at work. Whether you are coming up with or tweaking some ideas, it improves the workspace.

Apart from enhanced work areas, this tool is handy for online marketing and other digital services. It provides a realistic view of your site’s performance, conversion rate, traffic, and even read-time. Plus, its ability to observe and maintain the blog site helps in improved SEO optimization.

Google Analytics’ improved features let you set reminders, save notes, upload attachments, and organize photos uploads easily. All the attachments you need for your blog are included as you edit using a mobile phone or desktop.

Another boost you can get as a blogger when using this fantastic app is clipping web articles. That means you can save them as favorites for a later read when you get time.

And the user-friendly dashboard allows seamless task tracking and a team’s/individual’s working time. This aids in better projects estimates as the detailed reports provide improved insights into the project expenses, profits, and employee productivity.

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4. Invoicebus

This is another quality software that focuses on invoices. As a blogger, you may need a reliable tool that helps you keep track of your spending and other resources. What’s more, business owners, content creators, or freelancers get improved financial file management.

The other cool feature of this app is that it’s free. You don’t need to pay to get a reliable and detailed invoice. Now, you can create, send, and track invoices with great functionality. Plus, this is the go-to application for professionals who lack time to do a proper billing system.

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5. RescueTime

Coming up with creative content for your site can take a lot of time. For those who don’t have professional services for hire, the RescueTime app is a necessary tool. Not only for calculating time spent on your PC, but it also records duration on various apps and websites.

The other advantage of this software is the ability to supply weekly email reports. That means you can track your site’s progress to know which areas need tweaking.

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6. Boardbooster

Constantly updating your website can improve its rank and credibility. Most people love getting information from sites that are up to date and continuously enhance their knowledge base. With Boardbooster, it does all these while keeping the blogsite’s old data fresh.

Unfortunately, this blogging tool is not a Pinterest partner for those who would love the conjunction. New users need a little bit of practice to get used to the user interface, unlike other easy-to-use applications.

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7. Wix

Designing a personalized website can get frustrating. That’s why Wix blogging tool builds your site by promoting the business. Whether you are showcasing different products or promoting them, the action is seamless.

The design of this toolkit makes a startup website and an existing one easy to use. It lets you:

  • Customize your site
  • Start your blog
  • Add an online store
  • Accept bookings online
  • Personalized SEO plan

Whether you are on your PC or mobile, this app supports these two versions. Note that the Mobile Editor is perfect for quick website personalization.

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8. Godaddy

Having a blog can either give you a stressful or manageable time. The GoDaddy tool guarantees seamless use because of its extensive features. Whether your focus is domains, websites, or marketing, you have everything at hand.

Plus, a friendly user interface supports beginners who want to improve their website. You don’t require technical skills and high tech-savvy experience because of the industry-specific templates.

Another interesting inbuilt feature of this tool is improved A.I-powered advice. It removes any guesswork when growing your site for a better online presence as well as business. Use this blogging tool at the office or home when selling hip-hop beats, decor, products, and other exciting products online.

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9. Noisli

Noisli makes it easier to mix and match a couple of sounds when creating an ambient sound environment. It has 28 background sounds for you to either combine or play individually. Besides, adjusting the volume of a particular tone supports quick sound customizations.

Apart from crafting personalized sound Combos, this app has Curated playlists. Not only to explore new sounds but also to inspire you when working on different projects. Remember this online tool drowns out distracting noises caused by:

  • Phone conversations
  • Office machine
  • Movement
  • General chatter

Another cool feature is a Timer perfect for organizing work in sessions. It ensures you maximize your output and efficiency when working while preventing burnout.

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10. Weebly

Planning to improve your blog’s performance with an easy-to-use application? Weebly ensures the site-building process is a success as you grow the number of visitors. A website builder feature has all the steps and planning tools that show you how to create and launch the website.

Moreover, the overall interface is much friendlier than most website builders. It simplifies order management, billing, and shipping with the eCommerce feature. And a marketing service that comes in handy for those who want new clients from automated emails and Facebook ads.

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11. Grammarly

Even the strongest and experienced writers need to proofread their work. That means you come up with excellent content with zero grammar issues using a reliable app like Grammarly . It focuses on several grammar areas like the flow of words, punctuations, tone, and other writing aspects.

What’s more, this app improves your writing by offering suggestions, tweaks, and other grammar issues in your document. After editing and proofreading, you can see the readability score and know which areas to work on.

This tool has a simple user interface making it a popular choice for budding writers, authors, bloggers, content creators, and students. Whether you compose a letter, write a thesis, or edit an existing article, it offers much-needed grammar help.

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12. ImageCreation

Pictures in your content improve the reader’s interest when scrolling through your website. The most common sites that offer free images include:

The ImageCreation application stands out for its cheap stock photos, layouts, and special fonts. You can choose the picture that suits your file even if you’re using Twitter images.

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13. Hootsuite

Do you want to manage different social media accounts like a pro? Hootsuite supports various sites such as Facebook and Twitter to save you time. It has an easy-to-implement dashboard that lets you schedule posts, organize Twitter lists, and give out social assignments.

In addition, sharing your web files via these media platforms gets easier, unlike using other outdated channels. Connect your accounts and quickly schedule the content that needs sharing.

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14. LastPass

Sometimes when blogging, you might encounter some minor or major problems with passwords. Whether you are generating or remembering them, this app has an instant solution. It prevents the inconvenience of writing down your codes in a book while improving safety.

Also, LastPass manages all login information and quickly auto-fills it to save time. A plus side of this tool is creating unique passwords that only use secured practices.

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15. Tailwindapp

This tool is used on Pinterest as a scheduling application for bloggers and creatives. It allows you to schedule pins that suit your interest for a later read. Also, pinning to multiple boards is easy as you set your preferred intervals.

These pins enhance the feel and use, especially when sharing with your readers, followers, or community. For example, a food blogger can share healthy and exciting recipes with a specific group in real-time.

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16. SocialLocker

The design of this WordPress plugin lets other people, like friends or the community, share your content. It’s suitable for those who want to gauge the number of visitors in a blog because they like improving your site on search engines like Google.

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17. Pocket

This is a devoted blogging tool that improves efficiency in your job, such as content creation. It prevents you as a freelancer from diverting your attention to other irresistible videos and articles as you work.

What’s more, it lets you save valuable files and links for later. You can tag these docs and URLs for reference as you organize your current article.

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18. Milotree

Another excellent blogging tool that is mobile-friendly is Milotree. It has a clean look and supports nonintrusive use, unlike other applications. What’s more, if you use the premium plan, you’ll have an easier time when looking at the analytics about your site’s clicks.

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IFTT is also known as If This Than That to link two services. For instance, you can tweet to trigger a link/email or use a Facebook post to trigger a specific tweet. Similarly, this application improves the process of creating ideas when connecting two services.

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20. Coschedule

The topmost application great for scheduling is Coschedule. You can schedule Facebook or other social media shares in a time frame that suits you. Some bloggers plan the shares every 3 months in 2 years to meet their content needs.

Besides, a unique ReQueue feature from this tool allows quick fill of your social share calendar. It comes in handy for those who have multiple contents that need planning and organization.

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Working more or harder doesn’t necessarily mean you are efficient. In blogging, most people use tools to save time, improve efficiency, and create quality content. What’s more, the above apps can save time and money when enhancing your blog site.

Making your creativity in a site is easy and friendly with one or more of the above blogging tools. For instance, Noisli lets you stay focused during an intense or straightforward project. It drowns background noises caused by phone conversations, office machines, movement, and general chatter.

Utilize these applications to save cash as you tweak away any unnecessary information. Please go through our list with the top blogging tools currently in the market to build your site like a pro. Also, you use less time when engaging with customers, friends, and the community who are interested in your site’s products.




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SEO Copywriter with extensive experience in blogs, product reviews, and general articles.