Top 7 Campfire Products in September 2022

3 min readAug 5, 2022


Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Camping is one of the best ways to get back in touch with nature and make memories that will last a lifetime. However, it can be difficult to find the right camping gear for your needs. If you’re looking for a way to make your next camping trip even better, here are the top 7 products as follows:

1. Four Seasons Courtya Fire Pit

This kindling starter has sturdy steel construction, strong enough to withstand harsh elements, and will last for years. It also does not rust easily, so it will not need constant upkeep like other metals. The brown finish gives it an earthy feel that will complement any outdoor space. It includes a spark safety screen and poker so you can safely enjoy your fire without worrying about starting any fires yourself.

2. Weber Rapid Fire Ignitor Fire Starter Cubes, 2-pk.

The Weber Cubes are the perfect campfire tools to get your charcoal started even when wet. They make it easy to create fire on the go, whether camping, grilling out, or enjoying a bonfire in your backyard. They’re also environmentally safe, don’t leave chemicals behind when they burn, and don’t produce any toxic fumes or smoke.

3. Fire Liters Fire Lighters, 192-pack

These firelighters are made from recycled materials to produce more heat than traditional ones. They will not flare up when lit and burn for up to 12 minutes, perfect for starting your fireplace, wood burning stove, pellet furnace, fire pit, campfire ring, and charcoal grill. Each lighter comes with a carry handle, making it easy to take wherever you go.

4. First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray

This 14-ounce spray extinguishes fires on paper, wood, fabric, grease, cooking oils, and electrical fires. You can use it in any situation, whether sitting around a campfire or wanting to keep your house safe from fires. You’ll never have to worry about putting out a small fire again. In addition to all of these features, this product is easy to clean up after use. It’s easy to use thanks to the convenient spray nozzle with four times longer discharge time than other brands.

5. Duraflame Fatwood Fire Starter, 100% Natural, 5-lb.

Whether you’re planning a backyard BBQ or want to keep warm on a chilly night, the Duraflame campfire accessory is a great way to get your flame going quickly. It’s 100% natural, so you can feel good about using it indoors or out. The modern design is perfect for fireplaces, pellet stoves, campfires & fire pits.

6. Lamplight Farms Urban Metal Torch, 65-in

This 65-inch metal torch is suitable for lighting the night while keeping things low-key. It can burn for up to 5 hours with each 12 oz fill. Also, this fire pit kit is advanced with an easy-pour system for quick fuel filling.

7. Lamplight Farms Citronella Torch Fuel with Lemongrass, 50-oz.

This 50-ounce pet bottle is ideal for any homeowner who wants to keep mosquitoes at bay while enjoying an evening outside with friends or family. You can even use it to light candles or other small fires when camping. At 2.73 pounds, this product is easy to store and carry wherever you need it.


A camping trip with a campfire makes the fun more memorable. Whether you’re with friends or family, setting up that fire should be safe and easy. But it can also be one of the most dangerous if you’re not careful. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve put together a list of 7 must-have campfire accessories for added safety. Check them out and give us a call for any questions.




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