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Like many other women, you’ve probably searched the phrase ‘birth control near me’ severally. You may be planning to up birth control measures or are just curious. I mean, a girl has to be careful, you know. You currently may be on birth control but want a better alternative. The current one may be giving you adverse effects, for instance:

- Headaches and migraines

- Nausea and lack of appetite

- Spotting in-between periods

- Mood changes

- Breast tenderness

- Weight gain

- Missed periods

- Low libido

At Virginia Women Center (VWC), we offer a wide array of birth control services. We target young girls and mature women (aged 15 to 99 years) who reside in Virginia (Midlothian, Short Pump, the West End, Mechanicsville, and Kilmarnock).

What is Birth Control?

Birth control is a medical service that targets mature girls and women. It’s a procedure done to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. It reduces the possibility of a user conceiving despite regular unprotected sexual intercourse. Over time, many forms of birth control have been rolled out. And according to the latest medical studies, the most effective is up to 99% effective.

Types of Birth Control Options

The following are the common methods of birth control:

Hormonal Birth Control

This method prevents pregnancy by interfering with a woman’s hormonal balance. By stopping progestin, a woman cannot ovulate and hence can’t get pregnant. There are 3 forms of hormonal birth control. These include:

· Pills: A woman swallows a pill daily. There are many types, ranging from 91 to 99%.

Injection: A patient receives an injection whose effects will last for as many as 3 months. The effectiveness ranges from 94 to 99%.

· Vaginal ring: a small, bendable ring is inserted into a woman’s vagina. By releasing hormones, the ring prevents ovulation. Its effectiveness rating is between 91% and 99%.

· Birth control patch: A woman attaches a hormone-releasing patch to the skin. It’s between 91 and 99% effective. A new patch is used weekly for the first 3 weeks.

· Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

Intrauterine devices are tiny devices inserted inside the uterus. They release progestin or copper that interferes with ovulation. It remains effective for as many as 10 years, and the effective rating is as high as 99%.

Permanent Birth Control

This method will prevent pregnancy permanently. It can be surgical, for example, laparoscopic surgery (cauterizing or tying off the fallopian tubes), or non-surgical (placing micro-inserts inside the fallopian tubes)

Emergency Contraception

This is the perfect remedy for the ‘Oops’ moment where you get carried away. You’ve also heard or even experienced the ‘burst condom syndrome, ‘ right? Known as the emergency or “morning-after pill,” this method helps prevent pregnancy. It should be swallowed within 72 hours/ 3 days, and the sooner, the more effective and protective it will be.


It can be hard to know what best suits you with so many birth control options. At VWC, we will help you pick the most ideal solution as per your need and preference.

Why is it important?

Birth control helps in:

- Preventing pregnancy

- Improving pre-menstrual mood changes

- Regulating women’s periods

- Offering peace of mind

NB: While birth control prevents pregnancy, it doesn’t protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It’s therefore important to use protective methods like condoms.

What Virginia Women’s Center (VWC) Can Do for You

VWC is a medical facility that offers different types of birth control services. The institution has been in operation for many years and mainly targets living in the greater Virginia region. We understand that individuals have different preferences.

Also, what may work best for you may not be ideal for another person. Before undertaking a procedure, we first analyze the situation to find the best fit. Reasons that make us a preferred choice for many people include:

· A broad array of services

· Easily accessible for people nearby

· Investing in the latest and proven methods

· A team of highly qualified and dedicated staff

· High quality, safe, and affordable services

To learn more about us and our services, or make an inquiry or appointment, call us at 804.552.5494, or visit our website. Our offices are always open, and you can drop by if you are within the vicinity.

Final Word

Finding an appropriate birth control service doesn’t need to be complicated. It would help if you didn’t settle for procedures that may not work well. Also, you shouldn’t put your life or health at risk due to using substandard or unsafe practices.

At Virginia Women Center (VWC), we strive to offer you the right birth control services. We stand by our service and word. You don’t need to search for ‘birth control near me’ or postpone an appointment. Talk to us today via phone, email, or schedule online. You can also visit our offices in Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Short Pump, Kilmarnock, and the West End.



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